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French Cable Station Museum
French Cable Station Museum
Suspension frame, vertical
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Object ID 001230

Object Name Suspension frame, vertical

Object Desc includes suspension arm (#6806), galvanometer suspension with coil, and glass siphon pen. See notes!

Collection French Cable Station Museum

Accession # I.03.041

Alternate ID

General Category History

Category Instrument


Source Category Purchase

Accession Date DEC 30,1971


Location Repair Shop

Object Date

Start Year Range

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Status In Collection

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Date SEP 1,2021

Summary Moved to basement AL room

Notes Please see "Notes" from Recorder (I.03.079) These parts are being used to repair that siphon recorder. They have been moved to a workbench in the basement Artificial line room.



Date SEP 21,2022

Notes This suspension arm was used while museum stalff attempted repairs to the Duxbury siphon recorder (I.03.079). It has a new suspension of UV resistant upholstery thread instead of original silk. There are 2 conductor wires and the coil was sucessfully tested in a mocked up test using a permanent magnet (I.04.008). Unfortunately this suspension arm does not seem to fit any of the three siphon recorders in the museum.