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French Cable Station Museum Archive
French Cable Station Museum Archive
About the Archive

This database is derived from an inventory created by Craig Semsel, who was a graduate student hired as an assistant curator for The French Cable Station Museum for two summer seasons in 1990 and 1991. He painstakingly identified and labeled over 1100 items by hand, creating a type-written inventory which has been transcribed into this database. His accession numbering system continues to be used as identifiers for all artifacts in the Museum collection. Craig's reports and many of the suggestions contained therein have contributed significantly to the Museum's success in obtaining funding from the Town of Orleans Community Preservation Committee for many recent improvements including a major upgrade of the HVAC system. All involved with the Museum wish to acknowledge his contributions with gratitude and appreciation. WE WELCOME YOUR HELP in correctly identifying the objects you'll see. On the "by Name" page, click on "N" and you'll see a list of items named "Need to identify", others may have been mistakenly identified. Just send an e-mail here, use the accession number to let us know which item(s) you are describing. Please note "Categories" are as follows: Documents/Station, Documents/Museum, Instrument, Object, Part, Photograph, Video. Thank you!